Every 31 hours a woman is killed in Argentina. Fed up with these macho crimes argentinian people said “No more!” A simple tweet from a woman journalist shocked by the increasing of femicide brought about a huge march ,on the 3 of june, in the all country.

As you know, I specialized my journalistic work on women’s rights. I’ve been working on women’s issues for years. I gave women’s rights lecture in The Rotary Club Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires and during my photo exhibition in France for the UNICEF Vosges. I think it is important to give more informations about women’s rights and explaining why my work is so crucial for our society.

Many time we speak about the negative impact of medias but we forget to speak about things that changed thanks to journalistic works. I remember of Juana an old woman who used to work as a maid. During years, Juana suffered of violence. Her husband used to hit her. She was afraid to tell what was going on in her house with her spouse. It’s listening to maltreated women testifying on TV that she decided to tell everything. She found help and could ask a divorce. Now, she lives in peace.

You can read my article about #NIUNAMENOS in french on: http://information.tv5monde.com/terriennes/en-argentine-une-maree-humaine-contre-le-feminicide-36996